As you’ll see in the testimonies, many of our customers have had unsuccessful attempts at quitting.  They find our product is different from other alternative snuff products because it provides the true “mouth feel” of traditional snuff.  Another advantage Amarillo Snuff has over other alternative products is that the level and timing of the nicotine dose is up to you.  All you have to do is decide if you want to begin with full or half dose nicotine, and you decide when you are ready to take the next step.



Your family, doctor, and dentist will likely be thrilled! Our product contains no known carcinogens and will lead you to a healthier lifestyle.  Another benefit of switching to our product is the potential savings on health and life insurance. Typically, tobacco users are rated higher than those who do not use tobacco.  If you decide to quit altogether, you may cut your monthly expenses as well.


Everyone’s reasons are different. For many of our customers, the Full Strength is exactly what they are looking for to get that nicotine buzz without the tobacco. But that may not be why you’re here. You may want to kick the habit altogether. Whatever your reason, it’s personal to you. We help you quit using a tobacco-based product. Lower your nicotine intake and end with a nicotine-free product that still tastes and feels like tobacco, but no longer holds you addicted to nicotine. From there, ending the cycle is up to you.