Looks, pinches, Packs and tastes
Like the real thing
Created by people that have dipped snuff for years, Our formula is as close as it gets. Try a can today!

I’ve tried many different things to quit chewing tobacco. This is by far the easiest one. Great product and great customer service as well. Thanks for helping me quit!

Bubba / Canyon, TX

I was able to quit dipping about two years ago. because of Amarillo Snuff. I wanted to thank you for having the foresight to create something like that. I, and my wife, appreciate it.

Landon / Longtime user

I chewed Copenhagen for 20 years and have tried to quit many times. This is the first product that I have tried and been able to stick to to quit. I have gotten about 12 men to try it and they are still on it also. It works!!!!

Joe / Canyon, TX

This is probably the best snuff substitute I have found yet. I’ve tried other various alternatives from coffee pouches to herbal snuff. This product surpasses them all by far. The flavors they have are probably the closest I’ve found to actual Copenhagen or grizzly. The best part is you can get this product with nicotine, 1/2 or even none as a step down program if your trying to quit.

Tommy / Facebook

This stuff is “BRILLIANT”!! Been trying to stop dipping for years, but everything non-tobacco taste like @$#!???
You need to patent this product and get on the Shark Tank or call Altria!!!
Hope you have great success.!!$$

David / Amarillosnuff.com Review