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Jeffrey SmithJeffrey Smith
15:18 31 Dec 23
I came across Amarillo Snuff Co. on YouTube. I found that they provide a superior product to most others. The flavor of their snuff is awesome and it lasts a good while. I have also found their shipping and customer service to be exceptional. They have earned a repeat customer here in south Mississippi! I am thinking about creating a customized hat with Amarillo Snuff Co. on it to rep the brand!
Mason BoudreauxMason Boudreaux
01:12 06 Dec 23
This stuff is great I’m glad they use tin lids. Packs and taste like the real thing! Iv tried other products that used corn silk and it just didn’t taste right I was nervous to try a product with corn husk but im glad I did . Y’all got my business for life! An apple and berry flavor would be awesome to introduce! And pouches!
Bud HadleyBud Hadley
13:40 09 Nov 23
I’m so glad that I found this. It doesn’t tear my mouth up like other brands. Pecan is my favorite! Give it a try.
19:51 07 Nov 23
GR8 product.. Helped me quit tobacco.. and Good price to. Thank you
richard yohonnrichard yohonn
03:38 17 Oct 23
Terrific product! Helps with quitting smoking for sure. Local, fast shipping and it’s all natural. Best snuff around. Corn husk substitute for tobacco is really creative and smart because it’s healthier!
Steven CanadaSteven Canada
15:26 22 Sep 23
This stuff is the best. I've tried all the substitutes, including the coffee, tea and herbal varieties. This wins hands down. Minimal ingredients means better flavor, and doesn't cause thrush like other companies' super-sweet-sugar-snacks. It also doesn't numb my mouth or make my food or drink taste like the south end of a dead Black Buffalo. You know what I mean. I only use the wintergreen because I started with Skoal, and this actually tastes better in my opinion. Although I did try the vanilla and the reviews are spot on. Amazing flavor. I've quit smoking because of this product (hopefully for the last time.) Because of the different strengths .. Full, Half, None .. You can taper off and be nicotine free in no time, without losing the feel or flavor. This pinches, packs, smells and spits like tobacco without the worry. You can even swallow it and not fear the bathroom, though I wouldn't make that a habit. You can't beat this stuff. Customer for life.Wanted to update since it's been awhile, and they changed the formula. So I've been using this for over a year with no ill side effects. And haven't even wanted to pick up a cigarette. It's that good.Yes, they switched from nicotine to nixodine. It hits on all the same, good levels, but doesn't leave you wanting. Haven't been craving, or contemplating homicide. In fact, now the product tastes even better. And no heartburn or hiccups if I grab a big pinch. Much fuller wintergreen flavor without tasting like a Lifesavers mint, much improved burn for those who need it like I do, and I swear the flavor lasts longer.If you've been using Amarillo Snuff, you're gonna notice a difference. A good difference. Don't hesitate to try it, you'll love it.
06:23 02 Sep 23
Let me start off by saying I have tried every tobacco free nicotine dip.This beats every one and quite honestly it’s not even close. The flavors aren’t very strong and over powering, with a bunch of artificial taste. Plenty of flavors and unique ones you cant find anywhere else. The dips are very mild but taste very good. It’s a very smooth dip. My only complaint would be I spent around 65$ and had to pay 10$ish for shipping. Most other companies once you spend a certain amount shipping is free. I think anything over 50$ would be fair. Not quite sure I can spend 70$ a month on this because I go threw about 12 cans a month (3 a week). So I would recommend maybe buying 2 months worth at a time or maybe eventually they can figure something out for shipping. I found out about this product threw a Youtube video and I am happy I did! I will be buying again I just don’t know how often.
Jon LundquistJon Lundquist
17:33 28 Mar 23
Ordered a can of black cherry and lemon long cut. Totally blown away. Been using Black Buffalo for the last year. Black Buffalo has a good product but both the long cut and pouches were destroying my gums and waiting two to three weeks to receive my order was untenable.Before I found Amarillo I tried Whitetail. Whitetail is the most disgusting product I have ever used. Long Cut and pouches.Threw it away before half way through. Can't ever remember doing that. It was that awful.Dipped Amarillo for 24 hours now. Gums are not sore. Flavor is out of this world. Seriously feels like the real thing. Packs well. Not messy. Very well done. So glad I tried your product. Cannot wait to get to the other flavors. Fulfillment/shipping was very timely.
Michael DunnMichael Dunn
20:40 18 Mar 23
Been a long time dipper. Being a longcut Cope guy, my first purchase was with the classic flavor at half nicotine. Cause nothing goes better than Cope and a beer. Let's start by saying nothing tastes like Cope but this is definitely doable. The texture is spot on! Packs good and none of that stuck together clumps like the other companies. Hitting up some wintergreen and peach on my next order. Bulk bags are where it's at for the price. No cravings for the real thing after 10 days now. Super solid product guys! Keep up the good work. Ya got my business.
lance brauchlance brauch
23:03 01 Mar 23
I chewed dip from 30-56, I know I should quit, I have friends with surgery on their face from tobacco. But I love a dip after a meal, driving and when working hard. I tried a lot of other substitutes, they all use fake sweeteners, I mean how much sugar is in a dip? Hate that. No funny aftertaste or pre-taste here. Amarillo really did a great job here. I have tried all but the Pecan, which is on the way, then I am setting up a subscription. Favorites are Peach and Wintergreen, Black Cherry for a sweet long lasting treat now and then. Packs good and really moist, can closes good to keep it wet, but 'ol toe thumbs here with fat hands and no nails, sometimes hard to open, but ASC don't change the can, better wet than easy. I always wait to review until after the whole can, some of the flavors were impressive, but I longed for my old dip favorites, Peach and Wintergreen. This is perfect, just like real dip, and has nicotine, which is actually good for you in some ways. Kudos to all of those at Amarillo!
01:00 21 Jan 23
These guys are seriously the best in the business. Not only is their product incredible & speak for itself.. they accidentally sent a wrong can in one of my orders.. I called so it could be corrected next time I place an order.. welp they sent me out a fresh can next day. When I opened the package there was 2 brand new cans. They didn’t have to do that, but they did. And it shows that they go above & beyond for their customers. I will chew Amarillo tile they stop making it or I fall over dead. Great product & great guys over there.
Donald IngleDonald Ingle
16:59 03 May 22
I have tried different Non-Tobacco snuff, and I can honestly say Amarillo s hands down is the best. Please do not stop making the vanilla. I have tried out law vanilla and a couple others but it was like dipping rubber, it fell apart in your lip, and just did not seem normal. I can not say it enough but, Amarillo nailed it. I have told many friends and family about your product. The flavor, how it packs good, and it stays in your lip. Awesome job. Will continue to order. Please keep up the good work.