Our Flavors

All flavors are available with full Nixodine, half Nixodine, or Nixodine free.

Wintergreen – A smooth wintergreen flavor and burn.

Black Cherry – A deeply satisfying dark cherry flavor.

Cinnamon – a hot ‘n’ spicy cinnamon flavor and burn.

Classic – A smoky, savory tobacco flavor.

Lemon – A tangy and sweet lemon drop flavor.

Mint – A refined “date night” minty flavor. Not to be confused with wintergreen.

Original – Sharp edges of sweet and salty. One of our best sellers, but polarizing…people either love it or hate it.

Peach – A delightfully fresh ripe peach aroma and flavor.

Vanilla – Our best seller! A sweet creamy vanilla flavor.

Glazed Pecan – It’s like Thanksgiving without the in-laws!


Can’t decide or want to experiment? Try our Mix and Match option and build a custom roll of five different flavors and/or nicotine levels.