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What our customers say

I’ve tried many different things to quit chewing tobacco. This is by far the easiest one. Great product and great customer service as well. Thanks for helping me quit!

Bubba / Canyon, TX

Tried it and liked it, it doesn’t bring me down like tobacco does and definitely satisfies!

Mike / Morgan Mill, Tx

I chewed Copenhagen for 20 years and have tried to quit many times. This is the first product that I have tried and been able to stick to to quit. I have gotten about 12 men to try it and they are still on it also. It works!!!!

Joe / Canyon, TX

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Amarillo Snuff different?

Having tried other quality alternative products, we had three main complaints: they didn’t pack, taste, or have the mouth feel of real tobacco. Our goal from the beginning has been to meet the quality standard of the tobacco you are accustomed to using, while providing a truly safe alternative.

Our product has had extensive testing by real chewers just like you. As the testimony claims, “it packs like tobacco, chews like tobacco, and spits like tobacco”. We believe it tastes as good as the real thing as well. Want to find out for yourself?

Is nicotine dangerous?

According to the good folks at Mayo, nicotine is not carcinogenic, if that’s what you’re after. Nicotine provides a buzz, much like caffeine. And that’s why most of us chew.

But that doesn’t mean nicotine is completely safe. It is a truly addictive “drug” in its own right. Like caffeine, it’s completely legal, but it’s considerably more addictive. Is that enough for us to call it “dangerous”? We think that’s for you to decide.

If your reason for trying Amarillo Snuff is to break the addictive habit of chewing tobacco, then our Step Down program may be right for you. On the other hand, if you are most concerned with tobacco itself, our Full Strength #3 should give you the flavor and mouth feel you want from a good alternitave chew.

Step Down Program

Everyone’s reasons are different. For many of our customers, the Full Strength #3 is exactly what they are looking for—that nicotine buzz without the tobacco.

But that may not be why you’re here. You may want to kick the habit altogether. Maybe you’re getting married, or maybe you want to be a better role model for your children. Whatever your reason, it’s personal to you. And that makes our personalized program a great fit.

We’ll work with you to help you step down your nicotine use over time by personalizing the program to your needs and level of use. And unlike other step-down programs with only one intermediate step, we take you down slowly with two intermediate steps. We end with a nicotine free product that still tastes and feels like tobacco, but no longer holds you addicted to nicotine. From there, ending the cycle is up to you.

Is Amarillo Snuff available in stores, or can I purchase it online?

Yes! Amarillo Snuff is sold at at most Pak-a-Sak Locations in the Texas Panhandle or you can purchase Amarillo Snuff online, or find us at events as announced here on our website. Click below for maps and directions to our retail partners

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Do I receive an invoice for my order?

Yes, You will receive an email after you checkout with a detailed receipt.

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